2011 – Krzysztof Bajołek and Arkadiusz Bajołek incorporate Wearco sp. z o.o., which operates through Answear.com online store

2012 – the beginning of “AnswearClub” loyalty programme – one of the first in the fashion industry to allow customers to put aside 10% of the value of the basket for subsequent purchases 

2013 – MCI.TechVentures,a MCI Group fund invests in Wearco sp. z o.o., subscribing for a minority shareholding

2014 – launching operations on the first foreign markets. Answear enters the markets of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

2015 – continuing extension of operations with new markets of CEE. Answear presents its offer to Ukraine and Romania

2016 – Answear appears in Hungary. Total revenue of the company exceeds EUR 20 million per year

2017 - launch a mobile application as an alternative sales channel. Establishment of own brand of clothes and accessories. Introduction of a new communication strategy "We Are The Answear".

2018 – Answear enters Bulgaria with its offer. The company’s revenue exceeds EUR 50 million per year. Wearco sp. z o.o. creates its own development department, whose task is to develop and manage the Answear platform.

2019 - change of the warehouse location to a new warehouse center located in a strategic location in Kokotów near Kraków, with a total area of 39 thousand m2. Change of legal form to a joint stock company [społka akcyjna]. Obtaining profitability, net profit in 2019 was PLN 10.9 million.

2020 - Preparations for IPO. Change of name to Answear.com S.A. The company is undergoing IPO process on WSE.

2020 - raising PLN 45 mln from the IPO

2021 - Answear enters Grecce with its offer.